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When Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, the progressive left went ballistic that he selected an "originalist" justice to replace the most progressive member of the Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I would surmise that most leftists could not define "originalism" if asked, nor could most "conservatives." This is troubling. Originalism is based on the principle that the Constitution should be interpreted the way the founding generation insisted it would be interpreted at the time of ratification, not one hundred or two hundred years after some other justices on the Supreme Court wrapped their paws around it with dubious decisions.

This four part course is designed to make you familiar with the 100 most important public documents that favored ratification in 1787 and 1788, or in other words the real basis of originalism. Some of the Federalist Papers are included in the course, but you'll also hear from other important--perhaps more important than Hamilton, Madison, or Jay--members of the founding generation who supported ratification and why. Several themes become apparent when going through this stack of speeches, pamphlets, and essays, but the most important is the primacy of the States in the system and the limited powers of the general government. There is some deviation to this narrative, even from men like Hamilton, but most agreed the Constitution was so limited in its delegated powers that other than commerce and defense, the people of the States would rarely notice the general government.

This is THE reading seminar you need to understand the Constitution. Each lecture includes the corresponding document for download.

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Brion McClanahan
Brion McClanahan

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Originalist Papers, Part I
September 1787 - December 1787
Originalist Papers, Part II
January 1788 to February 16, 1788
Brion McClanahan
Originalist Papers Part III
February 19,, 1788 - April 1788
Brion McClanahan
Originalist Papers Part IV
Brion McClanahan

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